Sherlock: The Web Developer Tool

What is Sherlock?

Sherlock is a development tool for examining, validating, and debugging web pages using Internet Explorer (it can also be used in FireFox or other browsers by importing the Sherlock folder and bookmarks).

Sherlock is a collection of the best developer bookmarklets from around the web. Each bookmarklet performs a certain task on the current web page in the browser. Each task is detailed below.

While it is recommended that developers use the development tools available for FireFox as extensions to analyze, validate, and debug their web pages, there are instances where this may not be possible. That's where Sherlock comes in handy.

Installing Sherlock

Sherlock can be installed in Internet Explorer, FireFox or any other web browser. Follow the directions below for your browser to quickly get up and running.

Installing Sherlock in Internet Explorer

Sherlock is installed in Internet Explorer by unzipping the file into your Links folder within your Favorites directory on your hard drive. Typically, your Favorites directory is located within the 'Documents and Settings' directory, under your login name folder.

After unzipping the file to your Internet Explorer Links folder, and verifying that you have enabled the Links toolbar in IE (View > Toolbars > Links) you will see the 'Sherlock' folder icon in your IE Links bar. Click the 'Sherlock' folder icon and the list of available actions you can perform on the current web page will be listed. Select an item from the list to perform the specific task listed below.

Installing Sherlock in FireFox

Follow the above steps for installing Sherlock in IE and do the same in FireFox. You may not be able to set the View feature mentioned in instructions for IE, since FireFox does not have the Links view in the View --> Toolbar, so skip that step in FireFox.

If you already have Sherlock installed in IE, you may import it to FireFox. To do that, just import IE Bookmarks to Firefox. Since Sherlock is already present in the Links folder of IE Bookmarks, the import operation will carry it over to FireFox.

To run Sherlock in FireFox, just go to your Bookmarks --> Links --> Sherlock --> choose the action you want to use.

Installing Sherlock in other browsers

Unzip the file to the location where your browser stores your bookmarks. Sherlock will now be available from your bookmarks menu.

Using Sherlock

Sherlock contains the following actions/tasks you can perform on the current web page:

Send Sherlock to Other Developers

You can also select the first item in the Sherlock menu, 'Tell a Friend about Sherlock', to easily tell others about this tool. By selecting this item, your email program will appear with a pre-formatted message regarding Sherlock, including the location of this web page, so that others can have easy access to it. All you need to do is select your recipients and send the message.

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